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Balls and ‘Cum’ – How does ejaculation work?

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Balls and ‘Cum’ – How does ejaculation work?

A guide to balls. How ejaculation works, testicular cancer, ball checks, prostate gland, G spot and ‘pre cum’

This teaches you about sexual anatomy using the Bish ‘no bullsh*t’ brand. So yes of course I’m using the actual terms for things and there are some pictures and drawings too. Also this guide can only really teach you some of the basics – you might want to have a look at your own private parts (in private) to compare all this for yourself.





Sexual body parts BALLSThey are delicate so look after them. Avoid tight pants and try and prevent them from getting hit playing sport or anything else. A number of things can go wrong with your balls.  One of these is ball cancer which is very serious but also very rare. So get to know how your balls feel, so that you know if anything is unusual. They should be smooth and soft, like a hard boiled egg without the shell on, apart from the rear of each ball which will feel lumpy. Do this after a shower when your balls are hanging lower.

If you find any small lumps on your balls or if one of them has got noticably bigger or heavier then GO STRAIGHT TO A DOCTOR OR CLINIC. Ball cancer is easily treated if caught early enough. Most of the time it isn’t cancer, just a harmless cyst.  For more about this go here

Produces millions of sperm each day. It is normal for one to hang lower than the other (so they don’t bang into each other) and for one to be slightly bigger. They can swell up when sexually excited and can feel tender or a little bit sore – people call this blue balls.This is usually alleviated through ejaculation (which you can do by yourself, if you haven’t been able to through sex with someone).

Protects the testicles and controls their temperature by raising them up and down. If it’s warm they hang down, if it’s cold they tighten up. This is because sperm needs to be slightly cooler than body temperature. Balls are usually hairier than this, I think this person may have trimmed theirs. If you want to do this, be careful and use a small electric beard trimmer (preferably your own).

Men come around 1 or 2 teaspoons of cum – it ejaculates at up to 40 kph (breaking the speed limit). Around 99% of ‘cum’ is semen which helps to provide energy, and assistance for the sperm in order to fertilize an egg. It’s mostly water. Some cum is thick and sticky, some milky and some very watery. It can vary a lot. Semen’s job is to help sperm to swim but it also keeps them alive with minerals.

Sperm is created and stored in the testicles. Even though only 1% of semen is sperm there can be up to 150 million in each ‘load’ of ‘cum.’ Their role is to fertilize eggs and it only needs one to be able to do this.

‘Pre ‘cum’
Some people find they have a little bit of fluid at the tip of their penis before they ejaculate. This ‘pre-cum’ is not actually ‘cum’ but a fluid which cleans the urethra. There isn’t likely to be any or enough sperm in ‘pre-cum’ to start a pregnancy.

People more likely to get and give an infection from pre-cum or unusual discharge (if either partner has an infection), which is why it’s important to put a condom on before the penis enters someone.

Ejaculation – what happens?
Sexual body parts EJACULATIONSperm starts it’s journey in the testicles. It then moves to the epididymis, which swells a bit before ejaculation. Then the sperm travels up the sperm tubes (called the vas deferens for you sex geeks) and then up to to the prostate. The prostate is where semen is created and here they both get mixed up. Then during ejaculation muscles around the prostate pump the semen and sperm out of the erect penis at high speed.

The refractory period
After ejaculation penises can’t usually get hard again for a few minutes (10 – 30 minutes, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer). This is called the refractory period and is totally normal. The good news is that, unlike in porn films, sex doesn’t have to stop when the guy comes. If you’re a guy and you keep doing sexy stuff with your partner you can get an erection again in no time. Also you don’t need an erection to have great sex. Or you can stop for a cup of tea if you both want, I don’t make up the rules.

© Justin Hancock 2015 (except the photographs, which are all available from here for CC)


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