Balls and ‘Cum’ – How does ejaculation work?

A guide to Testicles, Ejaculation, Testicular cancer, Ball checks, Prostate gland and ‘Pre-cum’

Balls refers to the delicate objects which reside in many males pants, in addition to the penis of course.

This post is also about ‘ejaculation’ or cumming (special young person spelling used). This only happens when you are hard and sexually excited. It can also happen in your sleep, which is normal, particularly if you haven’t been wanking.

Ball Check

A number of things can go wrong with your balls.  One of these is ball cancer which is very serious but also very rare. So be smart and in control: check your balls once a month

Get to know how your balls feel, so that you know if anything is unusual. They should be smooth and soft, like a hard boiled egg without the shell on. At the back you’ll feel the epididymis which will feel lumpy. Do this after a shower when your balls are hanging lower.

If you find any small lumps on your balls or if one of them has got noticably bigger or heavier then GO STRAIGHT TO A DOCTOR OR CLINIC. Ball cancer is easily treated if caught early enough. Most of the time it isn’t cancer, just a harmless cyst.  For more about this go here

Pre Cum Explained

Pre-cum is fluid which comes from the bottom of the urethra at the base of the penis (Cowper’s gland) before ejaculation. This is to make sure that the tube is clean and ready for the semen to be ejaculated out of. This fluid can appear at the top of the penis when it is hard.

If a guy has not urinated since his last ejaculation then some sperm could be present in pre-cum, and it is technically possible for this sperm to make his partner pregnant: although this is very unlikely.

People more likely to get and give an infection from pre-cum or unusual discharge (if either partner has an infection), which is why it’s important to put a condom on before the penis enters someone. For more about withdrawal go here and for more about pregnancy risks go here

Come Again? The Refractory Period Explained

After ejaculation males can’t usually get hard again for a few minutes (10 – 30 minutes, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer). This is called the refractory period and is totally normal. The good news is that, unlike in porn films, sex doesn’t have to stop when the guy comes. If you’re a guy and you keep doing sexy stuff with your partner you can get an erection again in no time (not that you need an erection to have great sex of course).

Or you can stop for a cup of tea if you both want, I don’t make up the rules.

More you say?

The Penis

Be Satisfied With The Size Of Your Penis there’s also a video of that here

Pubic Privates pubes are good, but they are yours to do with as you want

Don’t Compare yourself with Porn actors: they have to have bigger than average willies

How to Have Sex

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