Big Up Yourself

Bish Big Up Pit Stop! Remember your own best bits, what other bits you would like to have and what bits you would want in another person.

Big Up Yourself: Being Positive About Yourself is not Arrogant

When was the last time that someone encouraged you to think about yourself positively? Hmm? Well?

We are all used to thinking about ourselves negatively, “I feel ugly”, “Blimey I’m thick”, “I can’t do this”, “Why do people spend time with me?” etc etc etc.

This is about changing that and getting you to think about yourself positively. Who you are, why people do like you, your best qualities.

Look at this list below and pick out as many qualities which apply to you. Then think of a sentence for why you are bubbly, think of an example.  Write this down somewhere or say it out loud. Then when you’re having a thick, fat, down moment go back to it and BIG UP YOURSELF!!! Think of it as a self-esteem pit-stop.

Or try this worksheet called ‘Would Like To Meet’ if you are interested in thinking about who you are and what kind of person you would like to meet/go out with. (click on the image to open full size)

In fact, why not write yours below?

Big up.


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