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Be Satisfied With Your Penis Size – Video Guide

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Be Satisfied With Your Penis Size – Video Guide

Average penis size is a lot less than many people think. Although there are no safe ways to increase your penis size there are some simple ways for you to feel more satisfied and confident about it.

Title: Be Satisfied With Your Penis Size – Video Guide

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11 Comment(s)

  • Frequently Frustrated Female says:

    Thank you for saying this. Too many guys think the penis is the only thing that matters when it comes to sex. For a girl, sex is a total mind/ body experience. Learning how to use your mind and your imagination as well, will make you a far better lover than the big, boring guys.

    • bishtraining says:

      Not at all. Thanks for your nice comments.

      However sex is a mind/body experience for many guys too, even if not all guys feel able to say it.

      But you are right: the most important sexual organ is the one between your ears rather than the one between your legs.

  • Sk samim says:

    Its a very useful site for all kinds of man and knowing about themselvs

  • Ali says:

    Sir i have 5.3cock sir my problm is some little hair grow on middle of the cock skin what s the solution to remove it completly

  • Exactly how can I download a free model of hplaserjet 1020?

  • Skye says:

    Big Dick *hey dat rhymes* = Not confortable.
    Small Dick *not rhyming ;-;* = Aww its so cute <3
    Normal Dick = HOLY SH** ITS A NORMAL DICK :D Jesus finally listens to me

  • i masturbate every day its better than having sex

  • a wonderful information for those who are wondering about their panis size. If some one read these notes he will be satisfied from thier own panis size. Thanks

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