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About Bish and About Justin (me)


My name is Justin Hancock
Yes, my name does have the word cock in it. Yes, I suppose that is funny. I do all the posts (apart from the guest bloggers), answer the questions, do the drawings and the really badly animated videos. I wrote this bit and this bit.

I’m a qualified and experienced sex educator
I’m a qualified youth worker and sexual health trainer. I’ve worked with young people for over 20 years and I’ve been doing sex and relationships education since 1999. As well as doing this online I’ve been working with actual people in real life – in schools, colleges, youth clubs but working with adults and people working with young people. I also worked in sexual health projects in young people’s clinics, giving confidential advice about all the stuff you can see on this site.

About this website
I started this website in 2009 but only really added lots of good content from 2011 ish. I set it up because I thought young people needed better sex and relationships advice online – as I got more hits I got more into it. I used to do it in my spare time but now I get funding by Durex so I can work a couple of days a week on it. Thank you Durex. They also paid for the website to be redesigned by Loop – thank you Loop. I got Hey Kiddo! to do me a new logo – thank you Hey Kiddo!

So BISH, you sold out to Durex?
Nah mate. I still have full editorial control over everything, all they want is to have their logo at the bottom of the website and for me to say they’re sponsoring me. I’m well grateful but I’m not going to go on about how great their condoms are. If you use condoms, just find the ones that are right for you. They just want to fund really great sex ed.

Why the makeover?
When I spoke to Durex they said ‘we love your content but your website looks a bit meh.’ So, as I say, they paid for a redesign. We wanted something which was easier to navigate so it’s easier to find stuff you might find interesting. There are jumplinks now – woooo. They agreed with feedback from users that I could do with a bit more colour, so I’ve got a colour code for each category. I’ve got new more professional looking fonts. I love the new logo, I think it’s fresher, more dynamic, is simples and complex and is slightly on the wonk.

Is it just the look of the website that’s changed?
I have tried to make a few changes to the writing too. I’ve re-written and re-edited a lot of the posts to make a few of them a bit shorter and a bit more Bish, Bash, Bosh. But I’ve also improved a lot of the posts to make them more betterer.

Why Bish?
Bish doesn’t really mean anything (I guess it used to stand for ‘Best Practice in Sexual Health – the ‘Practice’ was silent). Sex and relationships is complicated and I don’t want to over simplify it but I do want to try and be short, snappy and to tell it like it is – that’s what Bish ‘means’ I guess.


Teaching and Training
IRL I teach a broad range of subjects: the usual condoms and STIs stuff, gender norms, sexual bullying, porn, love, relationships, consent, good first time sex, sexual readiness, self-esteem and even lessons on dealing with failure. I’ve run sessions in PRUs, colleges, secondary schools (state and leading independent schools), youth clubs and even in a castle (true fact). I also run training courses for practitioners who would like to teach young people about this stuff. More details at