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Just thought I’d write a post to let you know that I’m not an amateur who’s making all this stuff up.

My name is Justin Hancock. I do all the posts (apart from the guest bloggers), I answer the questions, I do the tweeting, I do the facebook, I do the drawings, I do the animations, I make the tea, I do the washing up (now and again). I’ve been writing at bishUK for over  3 years now.  I reached my first million hits in November 2012 and second million in December 2013.

I’m a qualified youth worker in the UK and have worked with young people for 16 years, I’ve been doing young people’s sexual health projects and advice work for over 13 years now. I have regular Enhanced CRB checks done on a regular basis. For some reason I also have a law degree, which is completely useless.

I interact with readers on my open comments pages in blogs, on twitter, on facebook or via anonymous questions on ask.fm.  I will never ask you for identifiable information and I encourage you to protect your anonymity and online safety.

Bish is a not for profit business (sole trader social enterprise), but I don’t earn any money from this site directly: I would never charge young people for access to the website, I just do this because I think young people deserve better sex ed in the UK.  I get paid by selling books, leaflets, training courses and my time to clinics, schools, health organisations etc. If you want to learn more about the kind of stuff I do you can always visit my ‘professional’ website www.bishtraining.com or scroll down below

If you and your mates can club together you can even pay me to come and do a training course in your house, or in the park. I also do weddings, birthday parties, christenings and bah/bat mitzvahs. (That’s a joke by the way.)

Justin / Bish

Bish Training

If you’re a parent or a practitioner and you like bishUK.com then you’ll LOVE bishtraining.com where you can buy: training courses, resources, leaflets, teaching and project work time.

Me running a workshop about porn
Me running a workshop about porn

There are loads more details over at bishtraining.com but I thought I’d give you a taster of some of the popular services and products I provide here.

Training courses

“Really impressive training day.”

“Out of 10 I  give it a 10. I really and truly thought it was going to be a drag but I was shocked at how funny, interesting and cool the sessions were.”

“It was one of the best courses I’ve attended in a very long time.”

I run a number of high quality training courses around SRE and access to services for young people. All courses are interactive, fun, safe, relevant and give participants the opportunity to properly reflect on their values, attitudes and practice. The blend of personal development and practical strategies are the key to the success of these courses.

I don’t host my own courses, so you would need to arrange for enough participants and a venue. I’ve trained in clinics, youth clubs, schools, swanky offices.

Training courses cost £820 per day (£500 per half day), for a maximum of 16 participants (minimum of 6)  – this includes trainer costs: what you see is what you pay. This is just over £50 per place.

Download the 2012 Training Catalogue here (pdf)


“Planet Porn, an amazing resource …”

I sell a few teaching resources which are available as downloads or on CD rom. The most popular of these is Planet Porn, which is a unique resource pack to make talking with teens about porn easier. It can be used by practitioners and parents and can be downloaded instantly.


I sell 12 different leaflets on various aspects of sex and relationships. These have been designed to give out with condoms in young people’s clinics but can work with any young people over 14. You can order via me, but FPA handle the sales of the leaflet. They normally dispatch these within a couple of days of ordering.

Download the 2012 Leaflet Catalogue here (pdf)


Although I’m not a trained teacher I have been teaching Sex Ed in schools for years. I’ve taught at all different kinds of schools, from challenging PRUs to some of the most top ranked fee paying schools in the country. I’ve taught a broad range of subjects: the usual condoms and STIs stuff, gender norms, sexual bullying, sexual readiness, self-esteem and even lessons on dealing with failure. In addition to me I’m also putting together a crack team of trusted associates – friends and colleagues of mine, who can help meet this increasing need.

Project work

If you have a specific project that requires a specialist for a short period of time, look no further! Writing resource packs and curricular, designing leaflets and posters, making videos, running short term drop-in projects, working with parents, peer education projects, social media projects. References are available on request.