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Just thought I’d write a post to let you know that I’m not an amateur who’s making all this stuff up.

My name is Justin Hancock. I do all the posts (apart from the guest bloggers), I answer the questions, I do the tweeting, I do the facebook, I do the drawings, I do the animations, I make the tea, I do the washing up (now and again). I’ve been writing at bishUK for over  3 years now.  I reached my first million hits in November 2012, second million in December 2013, third million in July 2014 (ie it’s getting more and more popular). I set it all up by myself but I’m now supported by Durex to help expand the site.

I’m a qualified youth worker in the UK and have worked with young people for 20 years, I’ve been doing young people’s sexual health projects and advice work for over 15 years now. I have regular Enhanced CRB checks done on a regular basis. For some reason I also have a law degree, which is completely useless.

I interact with readers on my open comments pages in blogs, on twitter, on facebook.  I will never ask you for identifiable information and I encourage you to protect your anonymity and online safety.

I also do Sex Ed IRL – if you want to learn more about that (or book me) head to bishtraining.com

Justin / Bish

Me running a workshop about porn (I do own other T shirts I promise)