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Solo Sex – The Masturbation Manual

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Solo Sex – The Masturbation Manual

How to masturbate (or wank for UK readers). Not everyone does it, but solo sex is a great way of exploring what you like.

Not everyone likes it  – which is fine. And not everyone likes to do it in the same way, which is also obviously fine. Here are some different ideas that you might find work for you. So long as you are in private, you don’t feel like you’re doing it too much and you aren’t hurting yourself then it’s fine. If you notice any soreness or any bleeding then please stop. More about that here.

[warning - masturbation drawings ahead]


Touching the clitoris
Bish masturbation touching the clitorisThe outside of the clitoris is very sensitive, so some people like to touch it. It has a skin ‘hood’ covering it to protect it as it is really sensitive. People stroke it through this skin or directly and lightly with wet fingers. As most of the clitoris is inside the vulva you may feel the whole area start to swell and throb.

Touching the glans
Bish masturbation light strokesThe glans (aka ‘bell-end’) of the penis is very sensitive and people like to stroke this area in a similar way that people stroke the outside of the clitoris. Like the clitoris it often has skin which covers this area (known as foreskin) and can feel nice to touch. Also touching the glans lightly with wet fingers can feel nice.

Exploring inside
Bish masturbation exploring insideYou may want to try exploring inside the vagina too. This might feel uncomfortable at first so it’s okay not to do it, or to insert the smallest finger first. You could also just explore the outside of the vagina to see how it feels. The vagina will usually be wet if the person is aroused but some people find they need a bit more lubricant, such as water based lubricant or even their own saliva.

Some people also enjoy touching around and inside the anus too. It’s a good idea to use lubricant and to make sure that nails are trimmed. Notice what feels good for you. If anything feels uncomfortable please just stop. Don’t make yourself do anything you don’t want to.

The classic w*nk
Bish masturbation the classic wankThe hand acts like a pump moving the foreskin back and forward over bell end which is a very sensitive part of the penis. It’s meant to feel similar to entry sex but the hand can provide more stimulation and more pressure. For circumcised penises, this is still a popular method, but they may need additional lubrication so that the glans doesn’t get dry and sore (vaseline, cocoa butter, baby oil, water based lube if you’re using condoms).

Sex toys
Bish masturbation sex toysLots of people like using sex toys to masturbate. There are lots of different ones for the clitoris, vagina, anus and penis. If you are going to use them you should also get some lubricant. If you plan to share them or use them in different openings you should clean them or put condoms on in between. You usually need to be 18 to get sex toys. I’m getting questions from under 18s who are using objects they find around the house as sex toys – as you can see here this can cause problems.

More ways …
It’s basically okay to touch yourself however feels nice. Different lubricants, using two hands, using the other hand, turning the hand around the other way, lying in a different position, trying to delay coming for as long as possible (this helps to control when you orgasm/ejaculate), using more than one sex toy, penetrating the anus (use lube, wash hands afterwards and before touching any other part of the body), using water, using a shower head, doing it in the bath (don’t hog the bathroom though), massaging the testicles, rubbing against a pillow, stroking nipples, not using your hands at all (some people report being able to orgasm without any touch at all), feathers, moving your hands in a different direction, touching yourself in other areas.

Self love playlist
There have been so many great songs in the history of modern popular music that I thought it would be remiss of me not to put a couple in here.
This is ‘Vibrate’ by Outkast which also seems to celebrate black history

This is John Peel’s favourite song (if you don’t know him, you should); ‘Teenage Kicks’ by The Undertones. The beginning is missing, which is annoying, anyway…

And this is ‘I Touch Myself’ by Divynls

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